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SUNRISE: guitar/harmonica/voice … we live in a volatile atmosphere, it seems like the whole world is just plain old angry, “There’s Something Wrong with this World” is an obvious statement in the song … but better times are ahead. AUTUMN SONG: banjo/vocal … poetic and pretty tune played on a Vega long neck banjo. You can hear the ambient sounds of the studio cabin in the woods within the recording.
GUN: while the discussion about gun laws rage, this is Michael’s musical take on it. He lives in the Kentucky woods where many neighbors have guns, common to country living, but nobody is shooting their neighbors.
PAMPER CREEK:  is a funny, Appalachian story-song based on actual experience while Michael was living in Mousie, KY and the Book of Solomon … an environmental “Earth Day” tune in the style of Alice’s Restaurant. The song was recorded live in one take, no overdubs.