IMAGINE trading house concerts and performance opportunities with fellow SongFarmers. Now you can!

  1. WFPA Members only: a great idea exclusively for current WFPA SongFarmer members. Simply contact a fellow SongFarmer and politely suggest trading concerts, “I will host a house concert for you and in return you host one for me.”
  2. THIS IS BETWEEN you and your fellow SongFarmer, not the WFPA. We are simply providing guidelines.
  3. CONCERTS AND MORE, it could be as simple as , “I am in your area the day of your local Gathering, can I play a 15 minute set to your group that night?”
  4. HOW TO DO IT: contact the local Chapter or your fellow SongFarmer and make the suggestion. Be polite and if they decline, accept it and move on. Not everyone is in a position to help out.
  5. KEEP YOUR WORD: if a SongFarmer agrees to present you in their community, do the same if that is what you promised.
  6. A TRADE IS NOT ALWAYS NECESSARY. Maybe they think you’re awesome and want you to perform in their community, but they don’t want to travel. That’s ok as well!
  7. BE KIND. Don’t expect what is not offered.
  8. FINANCIALS. We strongly suggest you do everything in writing, even if it’s just an email. Confirmation is a good thing. “Hey Steve, I will be in Peoria for your kind house concert February 32nd as promised. Thank you for passing the hat, we will split the gate and any CD sales 90% artist and 10% house. And I accept your invitation to stay the night, I love a good couch!”
  9. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST that your concert swaps stay in the “original song-public domain-traditional songs” format. This way you can avoid any licensing hassles, especially if the audience will be ticketed, which can happen from time to time.


Here is a house concert setting with our SongFarmers in Tellico Plains, TN

IMPORTANT NOTE: the SongFarmers Swap is a private arrangement between two responsible, current WFPA members. The WFPA does not claim any promotional or monetary promise or responsibilities. All successes and/or failures stay between the agreeing parties.