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Become an official WFPA “SongFarmer” and change the way you view your music

MAKE PLANS NOW to attend the next national Gathering of SongFarmers May 12 & 13, 2023 at the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame & Museum estate in Renfro Valley, KY

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The main goal of the WFPA is to spread the music and spirit of the Front Porch into schools and communities around the World. The annual Gathering of SongFarmers is the yearly conference and music festival where members can play their music, showcase and learn to share their skills in their own hometowns in an effective, meaningful way.

Your small membership to the WFPA supports artists and the art form, but also supports the CLASSROOM projects as well. Step off the treadmill and back onto the Front Porch, join the WFPA and learn to become a Song Farmer and help restore the simple love of music back into your hometown, schools … and on front porches around the world. Feel free to call us 859-255-5700 or email: for more information

Become a member of the WFPA/SongFarmer just $25 (includes 2 tickets to the next Gathering of SongFarmers … info soon!)

Become a member and get 2 FREE tickets to the National Gathering of SongFarmers. Use the safe PAYPAL buttons below, which will work for any credit card, or email a PAYPAL payment to You can become a member by calling in your credit card or by mail: Send a check payable to WFPA, PO Box 200, Lexington, KY 40588. Questions? Call 859-255-5700 or email

Here is SongFarmer RIK PALIERI in Vermont with an invitation to become a SongFarmer and member of the WFPA


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