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The WoodSongs Front Porch Association, in partnership with the University of Kentucky, has launched a global, grassroots list serve to encourage conversation among the artists, writers, dreamers who are the SongFarmers. Meet fellow musicians and music lovers from around the world who play for the love of music and community. Discuss art, dreams, writing, community building, music, instruments, touring, gig searches, house concerts, songs, projects, … bluegrass, folk, old time, blues and more all welcome.

The list will NOT participate in religious, political, sexual, holiday, bigoted or demeaning conversation threads. There are other forums for that, not this one.

It’s FREE to join … your email address is not shared or sold … and you do not have to be a member of the WFPA:

To subscribe to SongFarmers-L:

a) send an email TO: with the SUBJECT HEADING of: Subscribe

b) In the BODY of the same email type: subscribe SongFarmers-L (your name) … example: “subscribe SongFarmers-L   John Doe

c) AFTER YOU REGISTER: When you want to post to the group, just send an email to