Why should you start a hometown SongFarmers chapter?

If you are already part of a local music jam, Why affiliate with the WFPA/SongFarmers community?

From a SongFarmers chapter leader:
I honestly think “community” is the driving force behind many of the SongFarmer Chapters. I can’t speak for anyone other than myself but I just have a feeling that is a big part of it and I know it is for our group. Over the years I have been to hundreds of jams and festivals across the country. I have started and ran several successful jams and I am still heavily involved with a once a year get together of bluegrass musicians that draws several hundred people from across the state. All of these are fun and we all have a good time doing what we do however none of them involves a community or is anchored to anything in particular. I made the decision to affiliate our local jam with SongFarmers because of the WFPA’s involvement with the school and bringing the much needed gift of music. That was pretty much all I knew at the time but thought it was something that I would enjoy being a part of and I’m happy to report I have been very happy with that decision. Prior to forming a chapter our get together jams were at different places around town and mostly wherever we could find space to play (not all that easy sometime). I had ask several restaurants if they would be interested in hosting a jam but had very little success. After becoming a SongFarmer Chapter I approached the Library and let them know we had a group of people that we were calling SongFarmers of Cabot. I actually think a lot of the acceptance was the at the end of the group name. People want to feel that they are a part of something and not just an attendee. I think the “of Cabot” gives everyone the thought that it also belongs to them and they are a part no matter if they are playing and instrument, listening or just there to talk to friends and family. The community IS the SongFarmers “of Cabot,” not me, or the people we regularly play with, but the entire community. It’s their thing now. We have banks actually taking turns to provide food, free of charge, to be a part of what is going on. I realize its good PR for the banks but it’s also good for the community and they are not just doing to benefit themselves. Both the city’s main events have ask us to be a part of the yearly festival and the Farmers Market has provided a space free of charge. People want something like this in their town. How many still watch Andy Griffith re-runs? People want that where they live. Yes I’m very proud of what’s going on here and across the country using the SongFarmers “of __________________ “(fill in the blank with your name) as a vehicle to bring people together. Jim Talbert SongFarmers of Cabot, Arkansas VISIT OUR FACEBOOK page click here