National Gathering of SongFarmers … INFO SOON The 2021 Gathering of SongFarmers is for all front porch musicians, writers, poets, painters, artists, SongFarmers, fans, families and pickers. The yearly festival and music conference we be where musicians share their music, stories, experiences and wisdom. Workshops, lectures, front porch stages, and music lessons. Free Friday and Saturday evening concerts will be part of the two day Gathering. The SongFarmers movement is an offshoot of folksinger Michael Johnathon’s WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour (WEKU FM Saturdays at 8PM), which he often describes as a “multi-media front porch.” The main goal is to spread the music and spirit of the Front Porch into schools and communities around the World. The Gathering is the yearly conference and music festival where SongFarmers play their music, showcase and learn to share their skills in their own hometowns in an effective, meaningful way. Members have started over 50 hometown music chapters around the country, from Hawaii to the Virgin Islands, support the WoodSongs classroom program for kids, and find fresh, new direction for their music and art. “We need a front porch around the world,” says Johnathon from his log cabin home near Lexington. “I think, in many ways, the music business has left behind some of the finest musicians in the world. SongFarmers give them a purpose and place, a direction that has meaning, for all that passion and music.” A “SongFarmer” is any artist who uses their music to make their families, their hometowns, their careers better. “Berea is a home for music and art,” says director Eddie Kennedy. “How fitting for the SongFarmer community to choose this venue on a beautiful autumn weekend to celebrate America’s front porch.” The Gathering of SongFarmers is free to all WFPA members. The evening concert both nights is free to the public, and it is recommended you bring a lawn chair or blanket. Information is available online at or by calling 859-255-5700. <end> MEDIA CONTACT:]]>